To be a Partner


To partner with HISAN requires you to give your LIFE to help the disabled, needy and vulnerable. 


Volunteer a day, week, month or a year at any of our centres to touch the lives of the children under our care; or sponsor an employee.

Inspiration and Influence
Your ideas and publicity on our behalf will go a long way in supporting our mission.

Mobilizing and purchasing equipment and facilities are critical to our mission.

Therapists, physicians, teachers, musicians, and etc. offering their services.


Your contributions in form of prayers, time, expertise, material and finance will go to the people with special needs in Somalia. We believe that your donation will help the blind people in Somalia realize their potentials (that will make them restore their God given human dignity) and elevate their integrity into self reliance.

Your contribution will make it possible for HISAN to overcome the above mentioned constraints and challenges at Rainbow School for the Blind. HISAN counts on your support as it advances in her battle against the evil, depressing miseries and the impoverished experiences generated by the neglect and other dehumanizing and dibilitating conditions subjected to the people with special needs. HISAN lives to belief that…

“So long as there lives a man of good will somewhere, the needy and depressed will definitely smile one day!”

It is the joy of giving the joy of bringing love to peoples’ lives that keeps us going.

Your kind donations in form of time, material, equipment and money will help the needy improve their lives.